Friday, December 02, 2005

Just to put me on the record....

I just want to say that my prediction for the identity of The Carver on the show Nip/Tuck is....Bobolit.


Anonymous John said...

Is that Joey Slotnick or Bruno Campos?

On the subject of tv, I was a bit under the weather and spent much of this weekend clearing dvr. Here we go:

Stacked is a very underrated show with excellent characters. I was smiling or laughing through most of the episode I watched.

2 and a Half Men: I watched it for the second time and it was very funny, better than any of the nine episodes or so that I've watched of HIMYM.

Veronica Mars: why is no one watching this quality show? Well, how about because it is almost consistently dark and depressing? Oh, and Logan still can't act, though he has improved.

Everwood: still really good. I'm almost completely out of sympathy for Ephram, though. Um, you break up with the girl of your dreams because you are so upset that your father lied to you about something not even related to her? And now you want her back? Dude, you're a douche. And did Treat Williams have some work done to his teeth? They look weird now.

My Name is Earl: I don't get it. I mean, I understand the show and it has always been mildly amusing. I just don't get it being the hottest show, well, since Gleason went off the air, apparently.

Late Night With Conan O'Brien: in a logical world, he would be getting some of the attention and praise that it consistently heaped on Jon Stewart. Nothing against Stewart, though I do find him a lot funnier when he's talking about himself and not doing Dennis Miller's old SNL act. Anyway, Conan is great and the comedy bits are the funniest things on television not narrated by Ron Howard. It's a shame that he is forced to interview models and actresses, though, as his interviews with Jerry Lewis and Billy Joel were as entertaining as any I've seen.

SNL: okay, I have no idea who Dane Cook is. And you know what? He was very funny doing stand-up and was great acting in all of the sketches. It's a pity that the sketches were virtually laugh-free. Oh, and the news segment was better when Horatio Sanz was subbing for Tina Fey. Nothing against Fey, but the dynamic of Fey and Poehler is that of two smartasses. With Sanz, his act as kind of naive, like he didn't get the jokes and it made it kind of a nice contrast against Poehler. Though I'm sure Fey with Sanz would work just as nicely, and Amy Poehler is already in every sketch.

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