Wednesday, March 14, 2007

No surprise

He went first, he forgot his words--as bad as Sanjaya was, it really shouldn't have been shocking to anyone to see Brandon voted off. The most surprising thing of the night was probably right after he was told he was going home--he smiled, gave the crowd a thumbs up, and looked remarkably like the Eddie Murphy "Buckwheat" character. Kind of weird.

Other highlights tonight on what was thankfully just a half-hour (it seems like I have so much more time this week): Diana Ross with the big diva entrance, but yet she was willing actually go over to the Idols and try to get them to sing along (even if Chris Richardson was turned around and looking at something else while he was singing along); her speech about the show being an inspriation to young people probably preventing us from hearing any of Brandon's sing-off (not that I'm upset we missed that, I'm just pointing it out); and, of course, Sanjaya walking back to the group after being told he was staying and looking like he was heading to a firing squad. Poor guy. America, please put him out of his misery...



Anonymous kson220 said...

Brandon gone. Makes sense. Phil looked pissed at being in the bottom three. I don't blame him. Sanjaya was in the bottom three atleast. He's got about 5 seconds before the rest of America gets tired of him. He may even sing worse than his norm just to get voted off. I can't imagine it being much fun behind the scenes for him. Atleast Kevin Covais could sing some. Sanjaya just isn't any good.

Ms. Ross was at her diva best last night, and I enjoyed her.

Can't wait for next week and what your take is. Keep it up Fingerhut!!!

3/15/07, 10:51 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

I enjoyed Diana too..she is still one of the absolute best!! What a diva!

Sanjaya has got to go...I think they gave him the smallest part of the Diana tribute on purpose...yes, put him and us out of the misery...

3/15/07, 10:59 AM  
Anonymous John said...

Man, you really have it in for Chris Richardson. He very animatedly sang into the mike when Diana Ross pointed it towards him, yet you go out of your way to single him out...yet again. Very strange, your fixation on this kid.

3/15/07, 12:29 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

wow, I don't even watch "idol" and this still made me laugh. eric, you are hilarious. i'm going to start watching becuz of you.

3/21/07, 12:11 AM  

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