Thursday, April 10, 2008

Taking back my Idol Gives Back rant

OK, I'm wrong. I've been getting a lot of flak about my whining in regard to "Idol Gives Back," and after watching tonight's show, I'm going to stop complaining. It thankfully didn't have any of the self-congratulation that I had feared (and that we saw in the weeks leading up to the show), but simply had some entertainment mixed in with some stories about those getting help. And even more impressive, instead of just getting celebrities to smile in some music video like last year, they actually had a bunch of celebrities go to visit the people that were being helped.

And after initially being kind of confused at how unfocused the charity efforts seem to be (AIDS in Africa one minute, poor people in the inner city the next, and Katrina victims a half hour later), I started to understand why they were taking in so many different causes. American Idol is a broad-based show, and thus they were trying to capture as many viewers as possible with a cause that may specifically tug at their heartstrings.

I still wish Fox would learn to tell its viewers that a show is going to run 10 minutes longer than scheduled (most of this show, after all, was taped on Sunday, so they must have known), and I hope Miley Cyrus and Billy Crystal are never on stage together again (and after seeing Miley Cyrus perform for the first time, I must say, as a 37-year-old male, I'm kind of confused as to why she's so popular.) But other than that, Idol Gives Back was a good thing.



Blogger Amy said...

Thanks Eric-
I missed Idol Gives back as I was at a great charity fundraiser last night instead but I do like what they have done. Thanks for understanding what it means and why it does reach so many people and that is good.

And to kson..I thought jason's rainbow was very good but I am just kind of bored by him..I need to seem get out of the chair and rock the stage...has not done that yet.

4/10/08, 12:17 PM  
Anonymous Mark said...

I think you are right to question what the production gives, actually. It's wonderful that AI gets its fans who might not normally think of charity to donate money, but it would be awfully hypocritical if the company didn't in turn donate a ton of cash as well (I'd like to think they'd match 50% or something - lord knows they can afford it). And I don't think it should be a secret as that's one the current bugaboos about charities these days anyways; how much of the money they get actually goes to the ones who need it versus the company itself. And I'm so glad Seacrest and Cowell were able to afford to give up a whole entire single days paycheck to the cause. I hope they were able to afford dinner that night...

4/10/08, 2:47 PM  
Anonymous kson220 said...

Amy, I absolutely agree that Jason is boring. I think it was last week that I made a comment about him and referenced Michael Franks. I don't think that Jason can rock the stage. And, kudos on your charity involvement. It is so important to do whatever we can to help others.

I watched Idol Gives Back, and pretty much enjoyed it. Because I am a softy, the heartstrings were pulled to breaking, even though there were parts that felt almost not quite genuine. Even so, they got my money.

The star power was awesome. I am positive that Carly needed resuscitation after watching Heart. Wish Fergie had stayed out of that performance. This was also my 1st time hearing Mylie Cyrus. What is the big deal about her? She would not have made it to Hollywood week. And how sad was it that the So You Think You Can Dance people were soooo much better than the AI folks at the beginning? It was really good to see the dancers again though.

4/11/08, 12:28 AM  

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