Thursday, April 16, 2009

Making history?

While Lil should have gone home, Matt wasn't very good last night and it was pretty much about the right time for him to go home. Simon was absolutely right--he has no chance to win the competition. So why was the judges save used tonight? Maybe Simon didn't want to have to listen to Kara and Paula any more? Who knows. (And geez, I know Paula has always danced to the singing of the Idols, but she's so wacky it seemed sort of genuine. Kara's exaggerated posing and singing-along is just annoying and a cry for attention.)

I can't wait for someone that might have deserved the save, or someone that the producers would much rather have in the competition (like a Danny Gokey or something), to end up in the bottom two next week and he'll be forced to go home because they wasted it on Matt Giraud. Oh well, it might make things more interesting next week.


Anonymous Wei said...

Maybe they thought that they won't have any opportunities to use their power (as if matt goes this week, lil almost certainly will go next week), so they kinda _have_ to use it.

Bottom 2 sucks though. I hope Kris or Allison doesn't fell through. I would probably stop watching if that was the case.

4/16/09, 4:45 AM  

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