Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Worst Top 24 Ever!

Every year around this time, my sister says -- in the past often in an email, this year as a post on Facebook -- that this season of Idol has the most talented top 24 ever, or the best final 12 ever. And every year, because it's the way I am, I respond with something like, "I think that remains to be seen--let's see them sing first." This year, I wrote something similar in response to Amy's post, and then said, "I think there are some talented women, but not so sure about the guys." Well, the women were a little disappointing last night, but at least there was some talent there, some people you could at least sort of envision winning American Idol. But tonight -- wow. Even after sounding caution about the guys, that was worse that I ever imagined. I'm not even sure I want to waste my time blogging about that horror show. Each singer, for a while, seemed worse than the previous one.

So while Ellen still sucked as a judge tonight (really, Ellen, not everyone is "great"), and there's still no reason to have four judges, there are much bigger problems with this show right now -- a lack of talent. Seriously, tonight's show reminded me of the semifinal rounds in seasons one and two--just a bunch of mediocre and uninspired singers. Casey James wasn't that great, but he sounded like Kelly Clarkson on Big Band Night compared to what came before.

A few words on each before I return to watching Olympic hockey...

Todrick Hall ("Since You've Been Gone") -- I don't even know what to say about this odd performance-- it was a total reworking of a very good song that, as the judges said, made the verses barely recognizable. Having said that, the judges are always saying that they want to see people change up songs--so it appears they only want people to change them a little bit, not too much. Looking back on this after hearing the following 11 performers, at least he showed that he had some personality, was kind of interesting to watch and had a decent voice -- which was much more than most of the group did.

Aaron Kelly ("Here Comes Goodbye") -- Wasn't this kind of the male equivalent of a bunch of female performances last night. You know, the ones that the judges said were too much like the original version, showed nothing original, etc. There was nothing wrong with it, but I didn't notice the amazing voice the judges claimed he had, either.

Jermaine Sellers ("Get Here") -- Jermaine goes with the song Justin Guarini sang about eight times on the show in season one. The beginning of the song was so soft and weak that I could barely hear him over the heating system in my apartment. Then he got loud and strange and the less said the better.

Tim Urban ("Apologize") -- Now we know why he was a late addition to the top 24. That sucked. Off key and not good.

Joe Munoz ("You and I Both") -- Who is this guy? Had we even heard him sing before tonight? I have a feeling the last time we'll hear him sing is Thursday night when he's eliminated. It was boring and he had little personality and didn't he kind of sound like he was singing in Spanish or some other language at points in the song? Or was it just me. As for Kara's statement that he should be given a show to "get his bearings," I actually agree. Except that last night, Kara was upset that she didn't know who various people will be as an artist via the song they chose. So which is it, Kara?

Tyler Grady ("American Woman") -- Yeah, so he acts like he wants to be Jim Morrison and that will get old quick, but his voice was OK and he had some personality on stage so he was at least tolerable.

Lee Dewyze ("Chasing Cars") -- I agreed with Simon, I did like his voice and thought he had a decent performance, even if I have no plans to be downloading his song from ITunes. As for Kara's suggestion that he should be doing a Bad Company song, I never want to hear anyone sing a Bad Company song (and didn't she just get through telling Tyler to not do classic rock songs but do newer songs? Doesn't she listen to herself?)

John Park ("God Bless the Child") -- Liked his marriage proposal for Shania Twain. Didn't like his flat, bland singing.

Michael Lynche ("This Love") -- Another performance with very little originality and singing that was nothing special. But, as others have written already, he's probably destined for the "big guy who seems like a nice guy" spot in the final 12 previously occupied by Matt Rogers and Matthew Sarver -- where he'll go out in the first few weeks because he has no chance of winning whatsoever.

Alex Lambert ("Wonderful World") -- This guy has negative stage presence and charisma, and in the brief clips we saw with him from Hollywood Week, that was the way he was there -- stiff as a board. So the judges should have known what they were getting. Having said that, he did have a nice, raspy, sort of Bryan Adams thing going on with his voice, although he did miss some notes.

Casey James ("Heaven") -- As I mentioned before, pretty good, but compared to the rest of the junk we were subjected to, sounded like he actually was Bryan Adams. Seems to know what he's doing, has a decent voice, and was certainly in the top two tonight.

Andrew Garcia ("Sugar We're Going Down") -- Not sure why the judges had such a problem with this. I thought it was fine -- not his "Straight Up" from Hollywood Week, but in the same vein. He just altered a much worse song. My concern is that Andrew is a one-trick pony, and his one trick will get old very quickly.

I have no idea who is going home, because there are so many who deserve to. I would send home Tim Urban and Joe Munoz, and I think that's what America will decide too.



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2/27/10, 2:27 PM  
Anonymous John said...

I agree with most of what you wrote. There were a very high number of performances that were just awkward. I'll save your time and just say that I liked Casey, Lee, and Andrew. I don't remember loving any of the girls, but I liked DeeDee and Bowersox(is that her name?).

I loved this post, though. Keep it up!

3/1/10, 1:27 PM  

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