Thursday, May 11, 2006

Maybe I'm gullible

So I see some commenters and other people across the Web are saying that Rebecca Romaijn's "request" last night was just a set-up, that it was planned all along. The more I think about it, the more I think it could be possible, which actually makes me angrier. Why did they pick Taylor to do an extra song---unless, as I slip into AI conspiracy mode, they were already trying to ensure he's the winner? Why would they have someone that wasn't even in the bottom two sing again? "Jailhouse Rock" wasn't even his best performance Tuesday night. I don't think this is getting enough coverage today, in the aftermath of all the people upset about Chris leaving.

A couple words on that: First of all, the people on message boards that are now trying to get American Idol to have a revote, trying to convince them that all the lines were busy, and that means that there was some kind of conspiracy and the lines were actually blocked from calls, or proves that Chris did get the most votes, because how could the lines be busy all night if he didn't, etc...Please, just stop. This same thing happens every year, and the show doesn't care. I think they should care--this whole voting system has problems, and the fact that AI doesn't release the vote totals just makes it worse. (In fact, I'm starting to think that the reason they may not release the vote totals is because it might make people angrier--what would happen if we learned that we had a Florida in 2000 situation and Chris only had 40 votes fewer than Katharine? People would go crazy, saying I got 40 busy signals and if the phones had been working properly Chris would have stayed in and the whole controversy would be even bigger.) AI is the biggest show in the country, and as long as that's the case, they'll never change.

Second, yes, Chris was the favorite, but please don't tell say this was the most shocking elimination ever, as Chris alluded to in an Entertainment Weekly interview today. Tamyra being voted off in the second season with Nicki McKibbin standing on the stage was far more shocking and egregious than Chris being eliminated. Yes, Katharine had a bad night, but she has had some good performances over the last couple months. Nicki McKibbin didn't.

I think I have more to say on all this, but, as Ryan would say, after a break.


Anonymous John said...

I know that this blog is all about full disclosure, so here we go.

I voted for Katharine on Tuesday and it took forever to get through. It may have been the same with Chris but I kept trying and finally got through. Maybe his fans gave up after some frustration.

5/12/06, 3:22 PM  
Anonymous Mike Dizzle said...

Lets not all cry for Chris at once, with the artic melting the earth can only hold so much water. We must realize Chris needed to win this contest less than anyone.

In fact Fuel has already offered him their vacant lead singer position. So everyone dry your eyes and listen closely because if you do you will hear his bank account filling up.

5/12/06, 5:06 PM  

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