Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The right one goes again

Perhaps Kellie Pickler was a little more deserving of the boot based just on last night, but based on the last few weeks, it was Ace's time to go--and once again, just like last week, America didn't let us down. And even though I've made fun of Ace for his overrated "false" and his lack of much personality, I must say I actually kind of liked what he said tonight during the "Bad Day" montage. It was something like "I've just always wanted to be able to take people out of their 9-5 lives, and if I can do that for a minute and a half on American Idol, I'm OK with that." It just showed he doesn't take himself too seriously, and knows what American Idol is all about.

Anyway, of course once again the American Idol producers demonstrated that they enjoy embarrasing their contestants with the way they forced Taylor to pick which group was the bottom three. Two years ago, they did it to George Huff, and since he was such an innocent guy, he just followed directions and picked the wrong group. Last year, Bo went and stood right in the middle of the groups, which was pretty cool. Taylor couldn't do that this year because Ryan was standing right in the middle, so he did the best he could-move towards one group but don't commit until Ryan starts talking. Then when Ryan starts talking, switch sides if it sounds like you're wrong. I guess it was the best he could do under the circumstances.

As for the bottom three itself, Chris was obviously the biggest surprise, and I have no idea what it means for his chances--since he is one of the favorites. I guess I could sit here and try to analyze--you know, Bucky left and his votes went to Kellie and Mandisa's voters went to Katharine, but since we have no idea who votes, how they vote or what the standings are each week, such analysis would be somewhat useless--since it's really not based on any facts, just pure speculation on my part(then again, political pundits do that on TV every day.) I will, though, say Elliott's appearance in the top 4 (I presume Taylor was number one, but who knows) was interesting because of his repeated bottom three appearances. It seems like he's got some momentum, and I would think next week's theme of "greatest love songs" should be fine for him--and actually shouldn't be a problem for anyone, since it seems fairly wide open (unless Idol actually picked some list of their favorite love songs, in which case we might have problems.)

Finally, when they showed Andrea Bocelli in the clip for next week's theme, did anyone else get nervous that next week's theme was opera? It's still making me shudder.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enough of the American Idol already!!!
Mix it up a bit... throw in a little TomKat, a little Greer (what were they thinking) a tablespoon of Matzah and stir...

4/21/06, 2:49 PM  

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