Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Quick Wed. morning update

Hmmm...While I thought Kellie's Bohemian Rhapsody performance was horrid, it seems there's kind of a split out there among the reviews of the show I read on the Internet every Wednesday. Some agreed with me, but others are agreeing with the judges that it wasn't bad (maybe I was premature on my "fix is in" comments, but based on Simon's track record, I still don't understand how he could have possibly liked that..) What did everyone else think of Pickler's performance? Please leave a comment here or on the post below! And Happy Passover and Easter!


Anonymous Mark said...

I saw 30 seconds of the show last night, and happened to turn it on during Pickler's song. I'm just going to say that my wife walked in (she's a pretty big Queen fan) and without even looking up said "what the hell is that noise?"

4/12/06, 3:51 PM  

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