Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Our long national nightmare is over

I am perfectly happy to be wrong in my prediction of who was going to go home tonight--I said Bucky only because I thought Kevin Covais had enough support to get him through a couple more rounds. (And might I add, I still did get all of the bottom three correct, but it wasn't really that challenging.) And after that disturbing and horrendous commercial with Kevin's head on a musclebound sand body, I think they had stretched that "Kevin is a stud" joke well past its breaking point. And it was good to see Kevin gracious in defeat and acknowledging his fellow singers, so it was a generally satisfying 30 minutes tonight. We even got a little Paula weirdness to top it off--her speech about the non-winners on the show having a history of going on to "greatness" was so absurd I'm not even sure it needs rebuttal. Really Paula, yes, Jennifer Hudson somehow got a part in the movie of "Dreamgirls" and we'll see how that goes. "Greatness" is just a little premature. But the only other person you mentioned was Clay, who more or less was treated as a co-winner in the second version of Idol. Kevin Covais was in 11th place. And none of the runner-ups besides Clay have even had people buy their records, let alone achieve anything in the general vicinity of "greatness." Actually, why am I wasting my time ranting about Paula? Fingerhut out.


Anonymous John said...

There's that whole wisdom of groups thing going on with America. Or at least it seems that way as Lisa Tucker has been in the bottom three. Or maybe it's just becasue America agrees with me.

Anyway, I missed the show--another dvr story. I could use a more in depth review...

3/23/06, 2:43 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

I think Lisa is good. She is a fun.

I'm glad that Kevin showed what he could do. We will see him again. But Chicken Little is a bad nickname.

3/24/06, 9:04 AM  

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