Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bucky no longer under pressure

It came after arguably his best performance of the competition, but I can't really argue with Bucky's ouster from tonight's Idol. Sure, Ace was much worse last night, but Bucky probably should have been eliminated a couple weeks ago.

Otherwise, for those who were at a seder or otherwise occupied and didn't set their VCR, you didn't miss that much. The last few weeks the results shows have been better than in past years because they've actually been bringing in actual artists to peform their songs--which means the eliminations, which could be done in 45 seconds, are only drawn out to 15 minutes instead of 30. But tonight, they had an hour and Queen didn't stop by to perform, so they wasted time by showing videos of all the Idols' family members and friends saying hello and talking about how proud they are of them, etc. (For those of you on the Elliott Yamin Jewish watch, Elliott was pretty emotional after the message from his mother was played, and I thought, "Oh, he must be a little more emotional because he's not home for Passover seder tonight with the rest of his family." Then they showed his mom and what appeared to be much of his family in the audience, so I guess I was reading too much into that. But it did look like that his mother, in the film clip, was wearing Hamsa earrings. If anyone else noticed this, or didn't and thinks I'm insane, please leave a comment.)

We also got the entire bottom three singing their songs from last night, so Elliott sang "Somebody to Love" (great), Bucky sang "Fat-Bottomed Girls" (enjoyable) and Ace did "We Will Rock You" (ugh). And we got the return of the medley, which was generally pretty bad and hard to see, since they split the screen to show us "highlights" of the season that went along with the songs they were singing. So we got to see Lisa Tucker playing the guitar as they sang "Another One Bites the Dust" instead of actually seeing current Idols singing it. This was dumb.

The medley was, though, the most interesting part of the show because it did demonstrate once again that Simon is almost always correct (although last night's Pickler incident had me calling that into question a bit.) He told Chris last night that he should have entertained the crowd with one of Queen's great songs, instead of picking an obscure one in the same style he always does, and he might have had an indelible moment. And for 20 seconds or so, Chris sang one of Queen's great songs, "Under Pressure," and sounded fantastic. It really could have been a special moment. Oh well, maybe Clive Davis will make him sing it in the final three or something.


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