Tuesday, June 13, 2006

How do all these other bloggers do it?

I thank all of you out there who continue to visit my blog in recent days even though I have only updated it once since the end of American Idol. I must say I am quite awed by bloggers who post mutiple times a day--when do they get the time? I write for a living, and if I come home and actually have some time where I could blog, I sometimes don't really feel like it if I've been writing all day. Sometimes I'll go to a Nationals game or be out covering something for work until 10:30 p.m. and don't have time when I get home. Sometimes, of course, I'm just lazy-- I feel like I have a good idea for a post, but it will take a long time to thrash it out and so I put it off and the topic gets old and I never get to it.

Like the post I was going to do on why The Apprentice isn't that good anymore. Maybe I'll get to that this week, but I do want to post this thought--yes, a week late, but people in the Jewish blogosphere are still kvelling over Lee, the Orthodox contestant, making it to the final two, so what the heck--on the finale. Donald Trump, when deciding between the two in the boardroom, said, "I can only pick one of you." Hmm, why does that remark smell a little funny? Maybe because he actually tried to pick both last season, by pawning off the decision on Randal, whom he had chosen as The Apprentice, as to whether he should hire Rebecca too. (Which was the unpopular, heartless, but correct decision. If he had hired both, why would anyone watch the finale again?) It never should have been Randal's responsibility, and to watch Trump then go around the media in the following days and say stuff like, "Yeah, Randal made that decision--a lot of people may not have, but he did" and stuff like that was a low point for the Trump organization worse than the bankruptcy of his casinos. Anyway, my original point was that I can't believe Trump had the gall, after that display last December, to say he could only hire just one of the candidates. One of the reasons the Apprentice isn't good anymore is that Trump changes his mind on what he wants from week to week--there was no better example than the finale for that.


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