Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Gina goes, but did Buble forget the words?

Watching Gina Glocksen's farewell video tonight on American Idol, I was struck that Gina making it to the top nine was a fairly good illustration of how lackluster this year's crop of Idols is compared to last year. They showed a clip of Gina saying that this was the third time she had tried out for Idol, and the second time she had made it to the Hollywood round. That means that she wasn't remarkable enough to impress anyone the first time she tried out, and still wasn't all that great the next year. (Yeah, I know, she forgot her words on the last day last year, but that doesn't seem to stop the judges when they really like someone.) And yet she made it pretty far this year.

To be fair, she certainly wasn't the worst last night, and probably should have stayed around a couple more weeks, but she wasn't going to win--so it's not that upsetting to have her go. (As Simon said last night, there are three women who are much better singers than she is.) The most interesting things about tonight's show were that Michael Buble appeared to forget the words to his song at one point, and Haley Scarnato had on one of the shortest skirts I have ever seen. I think she thought she was going tonight, and if she had, she was certainly prepared to go out looking great.

And finally, in response to a commenter on my last post who is complaining that my libido is affecting my analysis--while I have praised Haley, and Antonella before her, effusively for their looks and outfits, I don't think I've ever praised them much more than a "that wasn't bad" for their actual singing. But maybe I'm mistaken.



Anonymous kson220 said...

Fingerhut, thank you for responding to my post. I was not sure if you actually read what we wrote.

I think that Gina was the wrong person to be voted off this week, but as you said, she wasn't going to win anyhow. Either way, it is discouraging to see people of lesser talent remain on the show. Hopefully America will grow up and remember that this is a talent contest 1st. Granted, there are other factors to being the American Idol, but talent should be the driving force.

BTW, I am listening to the Elliott Yamin CD right now, and it is very good. You should check it out if you haven't already.

Talk to ya next week.

4/5/07, 9:58 AM  
Anonymous John said...

Buble seemed tipsy to me. I'm not sure if he forgot the words, or was trying to improv.

Haley makes me think bad bad things.

4/5/07, 12:07 PM  

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