Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Does Peter Angelos read this blog?

I'm thinking probably not. But perhaps someone at MASN came across it. Because to my pleasant surprise Tuesday night, MASN decided to stop identifying the Orioles by "O's" on the Nationals broadcasts. Yes, up in the scorebox (which featured a new graphical look tonight) the two teams playing tonight in Baltimore were identified as "WSH" and "BAL," just as they should--not "WSH" and "O's" as they were last month, which seemed to indicate that Peter Angelos thought the Orioles were the home team even on the Nats' TV broadcast. (Over on the Orioles' broadcast, they were using "O's" to identify the Orioles, and that's fine--just don't bring that over to the Washington side.)

Some might nitpick and say that the Nationals should be identified with "Nats" on the scorebox and graphics, but I don't really care. I have no problem with being identified by "WSH"--I believe that's how Comcast Sports Net identifies the Capitals and Wizards on their broadcasts. I just didn't like that an out-of-town team was being identified on Washington's broadcasts as if they were they were the home team, and I guess the message got through. And the Nats got an easy victory too--what a great night!



Anonymous John said...

I had noticed the change, and immediately assumed that The Fingerman is on Angelos's favorites list.

6/14/07, 9:19 AM  
Blogger Ross said...

Interestingly, last night's Nats broadcast had the Nats as "NATS" on the score graphic.

Someone can't decide which way to go...

6/19/07, 8:22 AM  

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