Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Does anyone have any concept of history when it comes to the Redskins?

So I'm driving to work Friday morning and turned on SportsTalk 980 (I've got to get my Sirius car radio fixed) to hear some discussion about the Redskins' win. So Al Galdi is introduced to provide his analysis (he's no Ken Beatrice, but whatever) and he says that the win over the Bears was the biggest "feel-good win" since Joe Gibbs has returned--and maybe in the last 10 years.


Does Al remember that the Redskins made it to the playoffs two years ago, and even won a game there? Does Al remember the end of that season, when the Redskins blew out the Cowboys at FedEx 35-7, and then soundly beat the Giants at home the next week? Those weren't "feel-good wins"? Those weren't better than beating a terrible team who played horribly in the Bears?

You'd think that with the out-of-control media coverage of the Redskins in Washington, people would at least know something about the team. But it's like every week everything is new, and when you listen to sports talk radio no one can remember what happened in November, let alone in 2006.

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Anonymous Mark said...

Maybe after losing the "Sean Taylor" game the announcers were just glad to see that the Skins hadn't just rolled over on the season.
Is 980 the Snyder owned channel? I'd imagine whichever station that is would do their best to put whatever positive spin on the season they could. When/If Gibbs leaves at the end of the season, will the sportstalk hosts look back fondly on the Joe years Part Deux?

12/11/07, 12:10 PM  
Blogger Eric Fingerhut said...

Actually, Mark, 980 is the independent station and is a lot more critical of the Redskins than Dan Snyder Radio (whose station numbers I can't even remember and can barely listen to for more than a couple minutes before changing the station because of all the static).

12/11/07, 5:55 PM  
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