Thursday, April 10, 2008

The first real contender to go down

He was still a relative longshot compared to Davids Cook and Archuleta, but I think most people could see a scenario where Michael Johns won this season of American Idol. So it is disappointing to see him go home before Syesha Mercado or Kristy Lee Cook, who I don't think anyone could really see winning the title. But I suppose it shouldn't be that surprising. For all Michael's talent, he just didn't show it off enough. He was my third choice coming into the top 12, but after his "Bohemian Rhapsody" in Hollywood week, the only two times he really stood out were the two weeks before this one--with "We Are the Champions" and then the Dolly Parton song last week. Every other week, he basically did a relatively faithful cover of a classic rock song and was fine but nothing special. And in a year when many of the contestants are taking well known songs and tweaking them (or, more correctly, singing covers that somebody else did that change up well known songs), it just wasn't enough.

In other notes from tonight's show: I wasn't that crazy about the Chris Brown-Jordin Sparks duet, but I did like the whole performance Jordin, in particular, was doing. And Chris Brown had a much better performance in this venue than he did on the O.C. He should stick to singing.

I guess they ran out of time and couldn't show that "I'm A Believer" video on Idol Gives Back. It's a shame they didn't run out of time tonight, too. What a pointless waste of time and effort. The time and money they spent making that would have put to much better use being given to any of the Idol Gives Back charities.

And finally, there's something that bothered me tonight. Why was the Idol gang singing such an overtly religious song tonight. "Shout to the Lord" was, if I heard the title correctly, the song that the Idols sang at the beginning of the show tonight, and I believe at the end of the show last night. The opening lines to the song were "My Jesus, my savior. Lord, there is none like you." If an Idol chose to sing a song like this for inspirational night, that's fine, it's their choice. But for the producers to pick a song for the Idols to sing that excludes all non-Christians in America seems to be an pretty strange choice for a show that has an incredibly diverse audience. I'm not offended, I'm just puzzled and bothered by the choice--did they not realize that Elliot Yamin, for instance, might not have wanted to sing this song? Or that some viewers might have been turned off? Did anyone else notice this?



Anonymous kson220 said...

Michael Johns was not going to win. No problem with stating this fact. But, how does he go before Syesha, Kristi Lee or Jason? I actually sat here with my mouth hanging open. I agree that he basically dug his own grave with song choice, but he had only gotten to 3 feet. Michael should have handily made it to the top 5 at the very least. The conspriacy theorists are already on the war path on Those folks are brutal.

I am 100% on board with how you feel about the Idols singing Shout To the Lord. I LOVE this song, but it should not have been done as a group song. One would think that in this age of being PC, the powers that be should have had better judgement. Hopefully, Idol will think better the next time around.

4/11/08, 12:46 AM  
Anonymous John said...

I got home late last night, so I fast-forwarded to the end to see who got the boot. I was a little surprised and disappointed, but heck, I didn't vote for him, so who am I to complain?

Shout to the Lord: I guess I shouldn't comment as I didn't see it. Maybe the Idol producers were thinking more about how many of their viewers would enjoy the song, not on those viewers who would be puzzled or bothered. I don't know--

4/11/08, 10:29 AM  

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