Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hollywood Week is always enjoyable

As I said in the title, Hollywood Week is always fun, although I'm still not sure how many actually good singers we have out of the 104 that are left. I wasn't sure if half the people we saw tonight were people we were supposed to know and remember from the auditions or not--other than the obvious ones like barefoot girls who lost her parents and sort of looks like a young Britney Spears. But I still enjoyed it more than the long slog of the last three weeks. A few quick observations, because I still can't tell that much about how good a singer is from a 10 second a capella clip (I agree with Bikini Girl that singers are better with music):

Barry Manilow mentoring during Hollywood Week? Wow, he's either a really nice guy or really desperate to get on national television. I did enjoy watching the singers actually take notes on his advice, stuff like "make the song your own." Yeah, that's fresh advice.

That guy Dennis at the beginning of the show who Simon said was making weird faces when he sang? Who cared about the faces? He wasn't a very good singer. Why didn't they tell him that? Maybe that would have calmed him down? Or maybe not...

Had we seen that Stephen Fowler guy that sang the Stevie Wonder song that Randy said was really difficult? Because he was good.

Von Smith--Not my thing. I prefer slightly--OK a lot--less dramatics from my singers.

They put that Norman Gentle guy through? Really? Why are they wasting his time and ours?

Sad to see girl who takes care of her grandmother was eliminated. She seemed cool.

I don't know how good a singer Bikini Girl is, but the whole thing she's got going with Kara--that's the best thing the show has going for it right now. Keep her around.

Where was ugly arm tattoo girl tonight? Did they show her?

Yeah, I know his father has MS and doesn't perform anymore, but does an Osmond really need American Idol to get a break in the music business? And if he does, is it beacuse he isn't that great?

That's it--but I'm eagerly looking forward to one of the best episodes of the season tomorrow night. Gotta love group sing night. Can't believe they eliminated that last year--but as I've said many times, the American Idol producers can be pretty dumb.

Fingerhut out.



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