Thursday, March 11, 2010

Suffering through one last night of the guys

I wasn't looking forward to hearing this lackluster crop of guys tonight, but I have to say with some of the dead weight cleared out already, it wasn't as bad as I feared. Still, it does seem like the judges are grading the guys on a curve--as long as you can sing in tune, they don't seem to generally care if you're making the song your own or showing any originality. At least Simon did at one point acknowledge that the judges are confusing the singers as much as helping them. But, of course, the highlight tonight is seeing Kara cry. That made my night--although, let's face it, it still wasn't as funny as watching Paula cry. Oh, Kara, you can never live up to the mark Paula left...

Lee Dewyze ("Fireflies") -- I don't particularly care for this song and find it annoying, which means I actually like Lee's version better than the original because he gave it a little more of a rock feel and sang it with his typical raspiness. I enjoyed it, and hope he makes it to the top 12.

Alex Lambert ("Trouble")-- It's good to see Alex looking more comfortable, and he does have a really nice sounding voice and sounded very good tonight. But still, isn't he just singing, granted in tune, the song and not showing "what kind of artist he's going to be" or "showing artistry"? And yet Kara is talking about how he could win the whole thing? Really? What am I missing? Hey, I don't have a huge problem with someone who comes out and just sings very well--although I appreciate and enjoy it more when someone is putting their own spin on it--but if the judges are going to obsess over it for some people, why does it not go for others?

Tim Urban ("Hallelujah") -- That was mostly in tune, and certainly the best Tim has sung this season. But sit down Ellen. It wasn't that good. The idea that, according to Kara, he's now a contender, is ridiculous. He hasn't really done anything to earn his way into the final 12 except not suck three weeks in a row. Such low standards.

Andrew Garcia ("Genie in a Bottle")-- So the judges kept whining that everything Andrew did wasn't as good as his "Straight Up" in the Hollywood round--so he looked for a dance pop song from a female artist and chose Christina Aguilera and "Genie in a Bottle." (Ironically, it was also the first hit single for both women.) Was it the right choice to sing and rejigger into an acoustic version? Probably not. "Genie in a Bottle" has a more complicated melody and lyrically it doesn't work ("Straight up now tell me are you going to love me forever" is a lot more effective in a stripped down, acoustic version than "I'm a genie in a bottle, rub me the right way" which just sounds silly.) Having said that, it was still kind of interesting and the singing wasn't bad, even if it didn't quite work. As for Ryan's question about whether he regrets performing "Straight Up" in Hollywood, it actually isn't a bad question--since the judges have made it an albatross around his neck.

Casey James ("You'll Think of Me") -- This was OK, and I can barely remember it an hour after watching it. Casey is looking like a one trick pony--it's not a bad trick, but how long can it seem fresh, considering there's nothing particularly unique or special about him excecpt that he turns on Kara.

Aaron Kelly ("I'm Already There") -- Now we have Aaron, who does seem to know what kind of artist he is (pop country crooner), but doesn't do anything special or show any artistry and still generally gets praised. I didn't think the vocal was that good (flat in parts), and I was just kind of bored. As for Simon slapping down Kara about her complaint that he didn't have kids and therefore couldn't sing the song--thank you, Simon.

Todrick Hall ("Somebody to Love")-- Now that was really good--he took a great song, made it his own by giving it an R&B/gospel spin but didn't render it unrecognizable, and sang it well. Not sure what Simon's problem was--he said it was too Broadway, but at least it was more entertaining that most of the men have been all season. I hope he stays, just so we can see what he can do.

Mike Lynche ("This Woman's Work")--I said last week that Mike appeared to be better than the Michael Sarver/Matt Rogers hole I had put him in, and he proved that even more tonight. Really good performance. And it made Kara cry, for some reason. Get a hold of yourself, Kara. You're on national television, you're married but blatantly hitting on Simon every night and you're tearing up after songs. At least it's entertaining.

So who goes home? I hope it's Tim Urban and Aaron Kelly. And you know what? I think it will be those two as well, although I wouldn't be shocked if it was anyone other than Big Mike.



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Alex Lambert needs to cut off the mullet! Overall Aaron needs to go and either TIm Urban but he will make it b/c the girls like him. But I think Andrew might go tonight.

3/11/10, 4:06 PM  

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