Monday, February 28, 2011

Jews on Idol update

So last week I mused that there might be as many as seven Jewish singers in the American Idol Top 50. Now that we're down to the Top 24, with the discovery of some further information and some eliminations, there may be as many as four still around. Let's run them down.

First of all, we'll never know if Casey Schuber or Brittany Mazur are Jewish, because they've been eliminated. I guess Casey was canned in Vegas, because we never saw her, although we did see Brittany briefly in a chair being told she didn't make it.

We can also eliminate Tim Halperin from the list. While he did an impressive duet on "Something" with the lovely Julie Zorrilla and made the final 24, I googled him and found he was a member of a singing group called "The Tribe." With a name like that, could it have been a Jewish a capella group? No, it was a church group in the Midwest, and thus, I think we can safely say Tim Halperin is a member of "The Tribe" but not a Member of the Tribe.

So we may have as many as four left. There's Casey Abrams (no actual evidence he's Jewish, but he's named Abrams and looks like Seth Rogen), Rachel Zevita (has the look and was wearing Hamsa jewelry during her initial audition), Brett Loewenstern (seems like a good bet) and Robbie Rosen (is there really any doubt?)

How many will make the final 12 or 13 or whatever they're going to do this year? I guess we'll find out Thursday--and we'll also find out this week whether Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler can truly handle the judging table and are able to give solid critiques to singers' faces--or if they'll crumble like Ellen last year. Should be fun.



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