Thursday, February 02, 2006

Um, what I said yesterday

Last night's American Idol was so similar to Tuesday night's I barely have anything new to say--there were three or four good singers and a bunch of bad and boring singers. At least there wasn't a montage of bad singers messing up a Mariah Carey song or something. The only person I really remember is that "fit model," not for her singing but for her other attributes. I can't believe she'd make it very far in Hollywood, but Simon seemed smitten, so you never know...There was that model a couple years back who couldn't sing but was very attractive and she still made it to the semifinals (where Simon then commented that she had the biggest mouth he had ever seen).

My biggest complaint about this week's shows is that if there are only 11 and 12 singers, respectively, advancing from Vegas and Austin, why can't they show us at least a few seconds of all of them singing. They already know at this point who the final 24 is, and every year people show up in the final 24 that we've never seen before and they're severely disadvantaged compared to the people in the final 24 that we either saw audition or were introduced to in the "going to Hollywood" round--since they've been able to build up fan bases among voters. Someone who got voted out early in the semifinals sort of made a tearful complaint about this last year after she was voted off in the first week on the semifinals, and even though it sounded like sour grapes, she was right. I hope Idol won't once again do that, but I don't have much confidence.


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