Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'll miss the legs, but not the singing....

The title of the post pretty much sums up my feelings on Haley--and as occasionally happens on American Idol,although not often enough, the person who sang the worst the previous night was voted out.

There was not much else to say about tonight's way-too-long show. It's funny--the producers could barely seem to fit everything in the last few weeks with a half-hour and actually requested that Fox give them a full hour for the next few weeks for the results show. I actually read a quote from one of the producers saying that they really wanted the full hour because that allowed them to really produce a show. And yet tonight seemed stuffed with much more than a half-hour of filler. Ryan asking people on the street what they thought? (OK, it was kind of amusing.) Akon shows up to sing because? A comedy bit involving Tony Bennett--did he feel bad for foisting drunk Michael Buble on us last week? Outtakes from the Jennifer Lopez speech to the singers? Someone actually telling us that Jennifer Lopez was "down to earth"? That was a whole lot funnier than the Tony Bennett comedy bit. To be fair, although Jennifer Lopez still isn't much of a singer, that song she sang was kind of catchy and the performance wasn't bad. And it was nice to see that Haley got to sing a full song, even if still wasn't very good.

Finally,and unrelated to Ameican Idol--but I couldn't let this pass--on this day when the Duke lacrosse players were proclaimed "innocent," I can't believe I just watched Jesse Jackson on CNN say that, well, they apparently didn't "molest" the woman, but "they did pay to watch a woman take off her clothes" and that's bad and "the first step toward domestic violence." Yeah, Jesse, you wouldn't want to say you were wrong or rushed to judgement or something--you still got to try to take some kind of moral high ground. At least Anderson Cooper responded with "Well, then we might as well lock up every man in America--I have strip clubs a few blocks from my apartment."

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Anonymous kson220 said...

So long Haley, not sad to see you go. As much flak as I give you over the women in this competition, I must give you equal praise. You are honest enough to say that Haley was, in fact, the worst and should have been voted off. That is why I keep coming back to read your blog. Keep up the good work Fingerhut!!

4/12/07, 10:23 AM  

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