Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why do they have to put us through this silliness every year?

Reason No. 816 why I hate the American Idol producers: The annual "Let's make one of the contestants 'choose' which group is the bottom three" charade. Considering that I believe this is the third consecutive time that the contestant they chose stood in the middle and refused to play their silly game, I'm not sure why they continue to do this. I guess the memory of the confused, pained George Huff trying to figure out where to go the first time they pulled this stunt must really warm Nigel's very cold heart. And what was up with Ryan switching David Cook and Syesha before making Archuleta pick--did he mess up, was that some sort of weird fakeout for us at home, or was that something to force Archuleta to think on his feet? Very weird.

Anyway, it was nice to see Elliott Yamin return and pay tribute to his mom. I thought Mariah's song wasn't all that great--until perhaps the end when she started to belt a little bit (which makes her 0 for 2 for this album in my book, since I don't think "Touch My Body" was all that hot either.) As for Kristy Lee Cook, there's not much to say. She was steadily improving, but she was basically living on borrowed time for the last month. Why she went this week instead of after that horrible "Eight Days A Week" performance is just one of those American Idol myteries.

Oh, and that was a great question that woman on the phone asked Simon--what is the difference between a karoke performance and a theme park performance? But I guess that will be another of those AI mysteries....Fingerhut out



Anonymous kson220 said...

Think Ryan's April Fool's joke. AI is corny, so they continue to do the corny pick which side stunt. But that doesn't stop us from watching!!!

I fast forwarded through Mariah. Just not a fan. And, as you all know, I, for one, am THRILLED to see Kristy Lee go.

Hopefully America will continue to get it right for the remainder of the season. They sure didn't last wee

4/16/08, 11:26 PM  
Anonymous john said...

Not a great hour of tv. And do the producers own part of the Queen catalog? That Ford commercial with "I Want to Break Free" was okay, but seriously, I like Queen a lot and it seems that they get a lot of AI exposure.

And what has "David Cook" been going through?

4/17/08, 7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Cook's brother is going through chemo for round 2 of brain cancer so its not looking great for him unfortunately. He was able to be in the audience for the first time on Tues. night and Ryan was trying to pull that out of him as to explain why he teared up. I think it’s classy of David to keep quiet about it on the show and not try to rack up sympathy votes or exploit his family crisis. He completely has my vote (if I were to actually vote)!

4/17/08, 11:25 AM  
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