Thursday, February 02, 2006

The dumbest character in TV history

Tonight on "The O.C.," we saw the demise of Johnny, and in the past few weeks I became convinced he must be the dumbest character in recent prime-time television history. Consider the evidence:

1. He decides that the best way to get money for his knee surgery is to rob a convenience store, until he's talked out of it by Ryan.

2. He decides that the best way to get Marissa out of his life and convince her she should go back to Harbour is to concoct some ridiculous story about his doctor went to college with the surf team doctor and convinced him to let him go on the tour. Not only was this story ridiculous, and unable to sustain for more than a couple days probably, since Marissa would have called Johnny constantly to find out how the tour was, but there was a decent chance Marissa wouldn't get back into Harbour and still go to Johnny's public school anyway.

3.He takes a bottle of tequila and a hot 15-year-old who wants to hook up with him to the beach, and completely ignores the hot 15-year-old. Dude, I know you were upset about Marissa, but her sister looks a lot like her. Have a couple gulps of tequila and I'm sure you could probably convince yourself you were actually with Marissa.Instead...

4. He drinks just about an entire bottle of tequila and decides to climb up on a cliff. (My other question is can someone of Johnny's fairly small size drink an entire bottle of tequila and still actually be able to climb rocks, let alone actually stand?)

So Johnny apparently died at the end of tonight's episode. And while I'm glad he won't be around to drag the show down anymore, I feel like it was a little much for that character. It seems like O.C. creator Josh Schwartz was making up for the whole Oliver storyline in season one, which dragged on and on and Oliver didn't really get any comeuppance for his actions. Sure, Johnny was annoying and boring, but he wasn't evil. Oliver deserved to die on this show, Johnny just deserved to end up as a coach on a surf team in Australia.

One other observation from tonight's show: Julie Cooper's attempt to live like a trailer park denizen is very amusing. In a past week, she ate pork rinds, and this week she was trying to warm up to a wine cooler and hot pocket, and cooking grits. Funny stuff.


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