Thursday, February 16, 2006

Finally, we're down to 24

So we have our 12 women and 12 men, but of course the most amazing thing to me is after 12 hours of American Idol programming in the last month, there were still at least five--up to one quarter of the group--who I don't recall ever seeing on the show. Anyone know who Robert Bennett is (other than Bill Clinton's lawyer for the Paula Jones case?) Gedeon McKinney? (And what a shame his first introduction to the audience was a dumb speech?) Melissa McGhee? And the two people that were the final selections were also complete mysteries to me. Can't believe they couldn't fit their original auditions in.

So I could handicap the field, but since we've probably heard no more than one minute of any person sing--and much less of some others--it would be impossible. But, as seemed obvious in January, many of those whose original auditions were featured prominentely--or people who appeared in the promos--shockingly made it. Kellie Pickler, Chris Daughtery, Mandisa (has she dropped her last name), Katharine McPhee (and how about that kiss Paula Abdul planted on her? We could have a new Corey Clark here...But more seriously, Paula, stop fanning yourself when Ace enters the room--did you even watch that Primetime Live report on you last year?), Paris Bennett and gray-haired guy Taylor Hicks. (Here's a prediction: Taylor Hicks' tenure on American Idol will play out sort of like George Huff's time did. Simon doesn't like him, but a lot of people in the audience do. He'll advance to a certain point, and then have to sing salsa and disco or something and have to be eliminated.)

As for the claim of Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe,1002,271|99550|1|,00.html
that this was the nastiest, most competitive group yet, apparently he was referring pretty much just to the antics of the Brittenum twins. I read that story a few weeks ago, and I've been waiting for all this bad behavior that allegedly occurred, and going back and reading it now, it's obvious he was primarily just referring to two people who were from the same family. As for whether this is the most talented group of 24 ever, they say that every year, don't they? I gues we really won't know that until Tuesday.


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