Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Are we finally there?

I sound like a broken record--or maybe the term should be broken blog--but the best part of last night's American Idol was the coming attractions for tonight's edition. Another audition round, another bunch of bad singers (not that some weren't entertaining), and, what, three actual good singers--none of which Simon even approved of, I believe. (Late edit: Simon did kind of like the attractive twin, although it wasn't just for her singing.) There were 28 people that went on from Boston, and we saw virtually none of them. But we did see people singing "Joy to the World" badly--once again organized by producers, because how many auditioners in 2005 would really sing "Joy to the World"? Oh, and then we got a review of the last few weeks of shows--because none of us watched those, right?

So we finally get to Hollywood tonight, which should provide some actual material on which to coment....


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