Wednesday, April 23, 2008

If I make a mistake in the first paragraph of this blog, I won't be starting over

After watching the Capitals lose Game 7 in overtime, then pretty much sitting on the couch in a daze for the next hour, I didn't start watching Idol until 11 tonight--so if this blog is incoherent, that's my explanation. I might have had trouble making it through the show, if not for the fact that we probably had the best mentor ever tonight. Andrew Lloyd Webber was great--knew the contestants, had actual advice to offer them, was funny and knew what he was talking about. The other thing that was good about tonight is that, like they had read my rant last week, almost everyone stepped out of their box tonight and sang a Broadway song like they were performing on Broadway--and didn't do the same old performance they always do (except for Archuleta, sort of.)

Syesha Mercado ("One Rock and Roll Too Many")--I'd never heard this song before, but I looked it up and it's from that show on roller skates, "Starlight Express." And even though I didn't know it, unlike last week, it was a great choice for Syesha. I don't understand why she said that she hadn't been able to pick a song that showed personality previously in the competition, but if it took Broadway week to make her do that, it's about time. It was fun, sung well and didn't bore me at all (that sounds like a backhanded compliment, but it's not meant like that--I'm just trying to contrast her performance tonight with the boredom she usually induces in me.)

Jason Castro ("Memory")--Although the judges didn't want to, I'm going to give Jason credit simply for not using a guitar and singing a song that required him to stretch. But it was no "Hallelujah." The vocal was rough at times, particularly the low notes on the bridge. But, hey, Jason did give us the funniest line from this season's Idol:" "I didn't even know a cat was singing it." Funny, but of course a little frightening in the lack of musical knowledge Jason has. Second funniest line from Webber: "I think he understood it."

So they showed David Duchovny, Allison Janney, Courtney Cox, and other celebrities in the audience tonight--are regular people even attending the show anymore?

Brooke White ("You Must Love Me")--I like Brooke, but sorry, once she started the song over--for the second time this year--she ruined the whole performance for me. I've watched this show for seven years and never seen anyone else do that. I agree with Paula that she's got to be able to recover, or cover up, or find some way to move on without starting the song over. As for the actual song, it was heartfelt, but when she got to the heart of the song Brooke's vocal limitations were really showing through. She wasn't even attempting to hit some of those notes.

David Archuleta ("Think of Me")--I've never seen "Phantom of the Opera"--although I have heard "Music of the Night"--so I don't know what David did to this song. But after either Webber or one of the judges said it, I realized that Archuleta's song did sound pretty pop song-ish for a Broadway song (or at least for a Broadway song that didn't come from Mama Mia or that Billy Joel show). So he really didn't come out of his box all that much. But I must say that it was the most I've enjoyed David Archuleta in weeks. It was just a really nice performance. But that group of girls that came up and hugged him before the song looked like something out of that polygimist compound--very creepy.

Carly Smithson ("Jesus Christ Superstar")--Wow, loved that Andrew Lloyd Webber actually told Carly she picked the wrong song. That's good mentoring, and he was correct too. Carly should be singing big songs. And she did a pretty good job tonight. Not great, because as Simon said, she was shouting some on the choruses, but enjoyable. And the outfit was hot.

David Cook ("Music of the Night")--Instead of taking the Elvis-like Pharoah's dream song in "Joseph" or something, David just decided to sing a famous Andrew Lloyd Webber song and I'm glad he did. Because he was really good. Yeah, Simon, I know, he's not going to record an album of Broadway songs, so you'd rather see him do the thing that's going to sell lots of records for you and Clive Davis and Simon Fuller, but I enjoyed seeing his versatility. And by the judges' comments tonight, it seems obvious they're setting us up for the 2 Davids finale. Can it be stopped? Unlikely. Should it be stopped? I'm still deciding.

Bottom three is tough, but I'll go with Brooke, Jason and Carly, with Brooke going home because I think other people will be turned off by the same thing I was.

And thanks Caps, for a great season.

Fingerhut out.



Blogger Amy said...

You were pretty on today with your blog but a few comments:

Andrew LLoyd Webber was awesome and I am major fan of his and all of his shows as I can sing most of Phantom (not well of course)
Carly-very good and derseving another week by far...
Jason - Memories is one of my favorite songs and I hated it from him - I thought it did nothing for me or the song...

Brooke-She did pretty well when she restarted but it was not my favorite of hers..

David A - All I can say is he was the only one that did make it different and I really did not like it...I have said it before and I will say it again, he bores me. He does the same type of song every week and it is old and nothing out of the box ever!!!!

Now to the best.....David Cook - he truly moved me last night as I love Music of the Night and he had so much emotion in that song that made it awesome...he is still my #1 and I voted for him last night...

Bottom 2 are Brooke and Jason and I am not sure who will go..
Fingerhut Jr out...

4/23/08, 8:33 AM  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

I'm laughing hysterically right now at the title of your entry. Sorry about the Caps. I really hope Jason goes home. I have never been enthralled by him as others have and I don't think he has that amazing of a voice. He sings only one way and sings all songs the same. He should record lullabyes with that breathy voice. I like Brooke's voice, but she's definitely more of a folk singer and doesn't really seem to be able to do pop. And could David A. do anything more than pop ballads. I am getting so tired of him. I enjoyed Carly's, Syesha's and David C.'s performances tonight. They were entertaining at least in my humble opinion.

4/23/08, 8:37 AM  
Anonymous kson220 said...

Andrew Lloyd Webber was absolutely fantastic. He did what a mentor should do, and he gave advice from experience. I actually have Jesus Christ Superstar recorded on DVR in both my bedroom and living room.

Syesha-She was great!! Broadway is the perfect genre for her. And her look was really good. She looked a little like Beyonce in Carmen: A Hip Hopera.

Jason-WTF?!?!?!? I thought that he was awful. And, he really needs to brush up on his music knowledge. He almost strikes you as slightly mentally challenged with the slow, disconnected style that he has. As they say, he is really vulnerable this week.

Brooke-I can't believe that happened again. I do feel a little bad for her, but she has got to do better. You can't forget your lyrics on tour. And to add insult to injury, her performance was sub par. If I had to score her using terminology from my 2nd favorite sport, I'd say that Brooke was a double bogey last night.

David A-I thought that, once again; he was good-but still needs to break out of his niche.

Carly-She should have sang I Don't Know How To Love Him, but Jesus Christ Superstar worked OK for her. She hit a few rough spots, but all in all, a good performance. Can you believe that she actually covered her arms?!?!

David C-A really good performance. I think he did himself a favor by not going all rocker on us. Still not his biggest fan, but he is growing on me. I mean, come on, the guy definitely has talent. Can't be mad at that.

Bottom three-Jason, Brooke and Carly. Syesha earned not being in the bottom this week. Let's see if America was really paying attention last week.

Stephanie, is that really you? You turned me on to this site, so it is sooooooo good to see you post. Miss ya!!!!!!!!!!

4/23/08, 4:52 PM  

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