Thursday, April 24, 2008

Carly Smithson, not quite a superstar

Six weeks ago, I thought Carly had a shot to win. By the last couple weeks, it was clear that wasn't going to happen. And yet I like her a lot more than I did six weeks ago. I think it had a lot to do with the huge amount of screen time and over-the-top praise from the judges that Carly got in the audition and Hollywood phase of the show. She was never as good as Simon and Randy and Paula told us she was, and the constant crying in her audition clips was tiring and annoying. And I think that came back to haunt Carly. She turned out to be a pretty good singer, but she was never as good as Simon had claimed she was (or Paula or Randy, for that matter.) And the crying she did the first few weeks about how tough the music business was (despite the fact that she once did put out an album on a major record label) and her general nervousness most of the time masked what eventually seemed like a pretty fun personality in the last few weeks. All that, combined with the fact that she looked like she was in severe pain when singing a lot of the time, combined to make Carly not particularly popular. And the husband with the face tattoo weirded people out. Anyway, I'd rather hear her sing Neil Diamond songs than Syesha, Brooke or Jason, and Archuleta too, but I guess we won't have that opportunity. (For instance, Carly singing "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" might have worked, but Syesha singing the same song? Not looking forward to it. And you know she's picking it. Just like Archuleta will be doing at least one of Heartlight and America. A couple other guesses: I'm feeling Jason Castro for I'm a Believer, David Cook might try to do something with Red, Red Wine, and Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon is a definite possiblity, and Brooke--I have no idea. Play Me? I do hope someone does Love on the Rocks.)

As for the rest of the show, to use a Simon term, it was a mixed bag. The group sing was, as usual, terrible. I liked that Leona Lewis song the first 800 times I heard it, but I think I'm already getting sick of it. It was nice to see Clay and Tamyra (still the most shocking elimination in Idol history), and actually I would have rather spent a little more time with them and less timne hearing both of the final two sing. And Andrew Lloyd Webber was just as entertaining tonight. Fingerhut out.



Blogger Amy said...

I must stay I do not agree with your blog today at all. Carly going home was wrong...she is much more talented then Jason and I have always liked Brooke but now not so much. This is not a popularity contest, or a what your husband looks like or what tattos you have onn your body, it is a singing competition and until some of these little teeny boppers realize that, the wrong people will go home. Chris Daughtry is one of the most successful and talented there are, but he lost to Taylor there you have it...screwed up. I liked Carly a lot and most everyone I talk to about AI agrees...David Cook is still my #1

4/24/08, 9:54 AM  
Anonymous kson220 said...

Amy-I am so with you on this one. This week's elimination was as bad as last week. Both Jason and Brooke got breaks that they did not earn. But, I agree that looks and perception can make or break a career. America is such a looks driven society, that talent will rarely play a part in the decisions that the general populous will make. Case in point-Paris Hilton. No redeeming qualities except a large bank account, yet America is fascinated with her. Hopefully, with the AI tour, Carly will be seen by people who will recognize and appreciate her talent.

Eric-My, my, my. Aren't we the huge Neil Diamond fan? I really can't say that I blame you. I think he has some really good music in his musical bibliography. I love your picks for the songs for next week. And I for one, am keeping my fingers crossed on David C. and Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon. I think that he can knock that song out of the park. If he does it, he better do a good job, because that song is in my Top 50 favorites.

Talk to you guys next week.

4/24/08, 11:42 AM  
Blogger Eric Fingerhut said...


I wasn't saying that Carly going home was the right choice--I said I'd much rather have her around next week than most of the other singers. I was just trying to explain why she was kicked off, and that I wasn't suprised, even though I was liking her more each week.

4/24/08, 1:32 PM  
Anonymous John said...

Look, at this point of Passover and of the American Idol season, we all tend to get a little testy. A wise man once said, "Ya gotta be nice."

Hmm, this is a tough one for me, as I was a major league Carly hater at the beginning. And certainly not because of her looks. All of my joking aside about that girl I wanted to marry--who's name escapes me, of course, cuz that's how I roll--I really haven't ever voted in American Idol just for looks. I vote because I a) like the singer or b)because I hate someone else.

But with Carly, I disliked her because I thought that she always acted incredibly entitled to American Idol, etc. But I've definitely warmed to her and like the fact that she actually has a personality. She was easily better than Brooke and Jason this week.

Both nights:

Syesha: really great performance. Fun and well-sung.

Jason: a snoozer of a performance and seriously, how stoned was he last night? Had he not realized that he was wearing a microphone on his chest? Loved the fact that he was yawning while they were huddled around the tv, waiting for the eliminataions.

David A.: solid vocal, I guess. A comparison: remember how fantastic Ruben Stoddard was when he would sing? Just all charisma and a beautiful smile, plus that great voice. But when he stopped singing, he seemed a bit scared and all of the personality would run away, too. David A seems to suffer from the same thing.

Brooke: well, in addition to the start/stop issue, she was out of her depths. I've seen children at the mall, unable to find their parents, who seem less lost than Brooke. Honestly, it was her night to go and if sympathy saved her, shame on us voters.

Carly: she said she was going to have fun, and I had fun watching her have fun. Next week will be a lot duller without her. David Cook and Syesha will have to provide the sparks.

David Cook: he was great. That's really it--I hope that he wins.

One last things: I would just like to thank the Capitals for teaching us all how to love again.

4/24/08, 2:51 PM  

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